Wednesday, December 26, 2007

.40 [revolution]

At 12:01 when the revolution begins
I will secure the perimeters
and shut off the T.V.
I will destroy my CD collection
with one cleansing crash!
Shattering it like everything else
I learned before you

I will swiftly gather the essentials
and sweep you up-
offering protection and comfort
while we get straight to the business
of moving on to a brighter day

With or without weaponry
I will securely defend
every strand of hair
on your head
preparing to fight or flee,
willingly performing any and all gestures
from the menial
to the professional

I will hoist a mighty framework-
a mobile structure fit for
all weather conditions as well as
rugged terrain
snowy mountains
sandy deserts
vast bodies of water
and gentle valleys

There upon we will sleep
when tired
when hungry
when sad
when melancholy
exchanging ideas
and dreams
until we arrive
at a better way

I will handle
with great caution and respect
my genius of love and affection—
the one passed to me
from the womb of her mother
by the seed of her father—
until I found her -
new born and brilliant—
waking me to the reality
of all things alive

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I nourish myself on you
like Adam in reverse.

And when, like Eve, 
you left an apple behind,
it flew me higher 
than the flight you boarded
towards home...

At long last when you finally arrive
I will be there. Ready.

Ready to change your life-
the way you changed mine.

Sunday, December 9, 2007


did i break-up with you?
or you with me?
i don’t even remember.

maybe we didn’t break-up at all...
maybe we’re still together.

Sunday, December 2, 2007


i do know what you need
i’ve studied with dire patience

poor fatherless bastard
no one to know
no where to go
seeking something
in the big city

frustrated and starved
patient and dire

you’re the kind of woman
who makes a man
write poetry