Saturday, March 8, 2008


hope you find
what you need
hope you need
what you find
our stars won’t collide
our planets won’t align
torturing hearts
just your way to survive

never again
will you choose to ignore me
the rest of your life
you will bore me and floor me
i won’t be told to stop staring
and you’ll never be seen
reciprocal kindness
is an obsessive’s dream

that you do well
that you do good
the most generous
that i can be
i wish it was more
by the end of the day
it’s a drop in the ocean
a tear in the sea

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Nick Faigin said...

full time poet


"still broke"

it's a choice
an admirable choice
when the heart
to live within
the confines
of one's chest

a grand choice,
my brother in verse!

~ merci pour l'ajout! ~

Hollace in Paris

posted by hollace m metzger Mar 8 2008 2:52 PM