Tuesday, May 20, 2008


It started as a joke on myspace
then I heard you sing,
I tried to convince you
I was the man—
I was just trying to fit in.

We played a little rough that first night
but still we both were playing
neither one to blame.

But it started sweet on myspace
and maybe without class
I Googled you
I wanted you
Your heart your soul
your exquisite ass.

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Nick Faigin said...

What Happens in Vegas..Stays In Vegas…
Hej …… Goot Nytt År Och Må Alla Dina Drömmar Komma Till Verklighet I 2008 , puss puss Nikki

I wish you a Very Happy and Successful 2008!!!

♥ I Love Nick _fulltime poet ♥!!

posted by Nikki Magnusson May 23 2008 11:02 PM