Tuesday, February 17, 2009


yes, i try to laugh
to smile 
to think
but the memories of you 
just run through my mind
i wouldn't call it depression
and it's not melancholy
but words of wisdom surround
and then knock on my door

the surreal affection 
i feel for the missing
the painful eruption
when all's said and done
i wouldn't trade a huge fortune
for the fortune is just you
the play's the whole thing
and not one minute more

whence upon that pure morning
when all is surreptitious
surrounded and hounded by those that we love
they're all so attendant
they're faithfully giving
but the meaning is empty
with these holes in the floor

and i'm not that different
even though i try to be
but it's not love you're seeking
you're seeking nothing for sure
and all the sandtraps in hades
wouldn't sink me this deep
into darkness and chaos
unable to go on

there is something
worth learning
although nothing's for certain
maybe not soon - maybe never again
there's one way to feel 
and thats open your heart up
you can't know where that leads you
or even for sure

all the love gets congested
there's buzzcocks in heaven
and music and people are just that - and again
the flowers
the quarries
the righteous
the losers
a few minutes together 
and then we are done

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