Sunday, May 10, 2009


birds flying high -
you know how i feel...
sun in the sky -
you know how i feel...
reeds driftin' on by -
you know how i feel...

i see the pain of practice.
the unescapable slither
of argentine sheen.
two legs - muscled molasses;
the arch of the lower back-
as round and pure as the day
you were born.
as liquid as the day
you discovered the
rond-de-jambe en l'air.

i've seen you
a million different times
in a million different languages.
i've grown accustomed
to your steps,
your gait and your gaze
your locks and your limbs.
the rings of saturn
couldn't be any brighter,
or a bigger mystery to me.

it's a new dawn...
it's a new day...
it's a new life for me...
and i'm feelin' good...

"i love her!!"

a man yells out!
aghast at my own brashness,
i feel the glare of the crowd,
hear the scattered laughter,
see the smirking faces-
faces of longing-
a face i will never wear again...

now that I have seen her dance.

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