Thursday, December 3, 2009


With your provisions-
red velvet pastry
tight against my face
I see the sugared filling and
inhale the coco layers.

You fed it to me -
I could taste the metal
feel it taste back,
and hear the muted *ting*
as it knelt on the lip

I delivered both
the myth of permanence and
the shine of the sun.

You were the whitest snow I'd ever seen,
with the blackest heart on
God's green earth.

I thought you were a treasure,
And just maybe you are.
I didn't want to find you cuz
I knew I couldn't fund you

The encounter
An obsession
You took over
My mind

Submitted - perpetuated madly
Co-workers, friends and
family twisted into the drama.
My odyssey.
My search for real love.

Trying to break free
From the bonds of you -
A real beauty but
I don't know how you learned
to treat me like you did.

The sickness still makes me wonder:
What would have happened
if we were together?

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