Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Red Velvet Cake Review 2

Been performing as part of The Red Velvet Cake Review. The Kavion Griffith production features myself, Walter Davis on sax and a few other musicians and friends.

Alexander Burke on the vibraphone and piano, alternating drummers Cal and Matt, and most recently Mela Lee - a brilliant vocalist who sings with the serenity and cool of a Frank Sinatra. Mela, Matt and Alex are in Magnolia Memoir, a jazz-rock hybrid, more Rickie Lee Jones than Pat Benatar, but they mostly remind me of Swan's Way. An obscure reference, but check out their song "Soul Train"(a couple of versions below). For documentaion purposes, I would like to add that Marcas Johnson has played the piano as part of the review.

This is every Sunday at Angel's which is on Wilshire and 25th in Santa Monica.
Showtime is an early 7 pm.

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