Friday, February 26, 2010


He'll wear a snuggie or a manly knapsack
Testosterone baby — not gonna do that
He'll lift heavy things and cheer the home team
He'll obsess over going on horseback rides through the mountains,
Camping in the woods, and where you been, while he's not there.

He'll high-five and be rude and not even know it.
He'll be sweet and get you what you need and maybe give you what you want.
The in-laws and grandfolks on either side of the ocean
Will dote and inundate and criticize.
And he'll let them.

He'll trust you.
But you'll never fully trust him,
knowing how easy it was
to manipulate and get the keys.

There's love and security.
There's smiles and full bellies.
There's no reason to be lonely.
There's nothing about this that amuses.

Your lies by omission
Won't harm or humiliate.
Everyone's dead
That could possibly tell.

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