Monday, March 8, 2010


maybe im touched or tapped
maybe i can't escape this one
i can't walk away
from the baddest bitch with the brightest flame.
i'm just a mere mortal
but never will we be a'thing

masculinity's a verve
that i can't quite comprehend
cuz there's something heavier than Bond
there's something nightly - sticky and virile -
that attracts - humble and stalwart
but i'm not that.

secret handshaked.
liquored up driving.
unprotected pussy.
anytime anywhere

it appears as swiftly as it dissipates
the luxury of endless sex ended my innocence.
that was the simple time -
the unbridled
the sea breezes
the mid-week mid-valley
skinny dipped summers.
exercise for fun.
don't eat junk cuz it's beneath us.
it was fresh and new.
and then it was over.

we didn't do drugs.
we didn't associate.
we were the wildest people we knew
we paid our bills
and used credit responibly
and looked sharp
and didn't scare easily
art and music and dance
was the backdrop
and we stayed out late
but always made it out of the house
before noon
to start again.

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