Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Floor 24 || Poet's POV

My night at the Floor.
The Floor 24 is an ongoing improvisation night held once monthly in hollywood. The production team of Carolina Cerisola and Sascha Escandon in cooperation with music director Walter Davis. Part of LA's Fringe Fest this month, the next Floor is July 19 and will be the 2 year anniversary. In honor of this, the next session will be an 80s themed and inspired night.

with DJ Uniek
Colin Gordon - incorrigible as ever
close up with KG and CC
with KG Superstar
With Carolina Cerisola and Paris Paul
Me and Martin
with B-Boy Marco Peru and Carolina Cerisola
Peter, Vana, Dorthea, Paris, Quaye and Dezmond in the parking lot after the fact.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

MAIN (on Main) : Jazzed For Tuesday

it's walter davis and it's jazz and soul and funk and some spoken word and a chill place to hang out in santa monica on a tuesday night.

thank you Deeeeeeeeeeee for the flyer!

The Floor 24 : Hipstamatic™ Pix

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Floor 24 :
Where 'Creative Expression' and
'Partying Your Ass Off' meet!!!

carolina cerisola and sascha escandon present the 24th session of the floor, june 21, 2010 at the king-king (6555 hollywood blvd.) in hollywood • dance, play, sing, imbibe or just enjoy the world's most beautiful people in this one-of-a-kind nightclub experience • music direction by walter davis. libations served by maus - best bartender in hollywood.

this is the greatest night of the month for the many faithful followers of a space and a time where 'creative expression' and 'partying your ass off' meet.

a poem for
The Floor::

Everybody falls in love
it's that kind of place
it's that kind of night

the fog is inside
and the smoke rises

the legs - the thighs
the breasts -
a real bucket of chicken

a token of affection
an afterthought
in the parking lot

glasses raised high
replacing religion
leaving worship

trying to get home...
trying to
beat the sun

until then
we have a few hours
so let's dance.

see you all there!
get well daniel lanois!

Saturday, June 19, 2010


To suffer and
be fulfilled are
opposite ends of the spectrum
like trumpets declaring war
from miles away...
announcing the impending arrival of no quarter.

Writing my silly poems and
stretching out like Bootsy's Rubber Band,
Mama's little baby likes shortnin' bread and
Chicken 'n' waffles and the wonder of a rainbow—
But can't understand why some people
are beautiful outside but can be very ugly within.

Sunday, June 6, 2010


You're gorgeous and wild
And warm to the touch.
Your fabulousness radiates throughout the big red room
Your dance flouncees
Your feather bottom
Drops it —
Like it's hot

I'll stay silent.
I'll stay silent only so long
Then I'll cry out
Light fire to my hair
And scream KISS' greatest hits.
Then you'll sit up and take notice
Then you'll remember my number
Then you'll see that through my owned madness
I am stand out grade-A mule ass
Moreover and across I spread
And soar.

Saturday, June 5, 2010


It's just a question mark into the dark

Its not fantasy
nor fancy-free
It's just a pick up strip
With a picked up chick
She put her moon boots on
And she (jumps and shouts and) sings her song.

It's just a question mark into the dark

This tea was made for two
You don't need to tell me what to do
It's written, seen and read
It's exactly what she said
The ramblings of a poem man
Who simply wants to hold your hand

It's just a question mark into the dark

It's a hullabaloo
it's a luau too
It's a dream vacation
In a fantasy nation
It's simply station to station
With an unknown duration

It's just a question mark into the dark.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


With a sneeze
You snapped a rib
In my bed
Last night

You whined and moaned
like a frothing dog
beset by badgers
round your bowl.

Tucked you in.
Made you tea.
Rubbed your feet

I'd do right
by you woman—
If you'd
done right by me.