Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Floor 24 :
Where 'Creative Expression' and
'Partying Your Ass Off' meet!!!

carolina cerisola and sascha escandon present the 24th session of the floor, june 21, 2010 at the king-king (6555 hollywood blvd.) in hollywood • dance, play, sing, imbibe or just enjoy the world's most beautiful people in this one-of-a-kind nightclub experience • music direction by walter davis. libations served by maus - best bartender in hollywood.

this is the greatest night of the month for the many faithful followers of a space and a time where 'creative expression' and 'partying your ass off' meet.

a poem for
The Floor::

Everybody falls in love
it's that kind of place
it's that kind of night

the fog is inside
and the smoke rises

the legs - the thighs
the breasts -
a real bucket of chicken

a token of affection
an afterthought
in the parking lot

glasses raised high
replacing religion
leaving worship

trying to get home...
trying to
beat the sun

until then
we have a few hours
so let's dance.

see you all there!
get well daniel lanois!

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