Saturday, July 17, 2010

NuErotic Exhibition : The Shots

Toledo Diamond and myself, Fulltime Poet
Artist Maaliq Elliott
Peppa and Shamari
Gyroe and Peppa
Dame Mindy
Dorthea and Tamara
Michael Bolger
Shaunte Palmer
Kimiko Rojas
Dame Ashley Michelle
Seven and Gabrielle Angel Angeles

Sarah Aganajian with the Fulltime Poet
Shamari serenades
Peter on guitar, Tony Pimentel on bass, Leah in black leather and Toledo on the mic
Axeman Peter Grant

The NuErotic Art and Performance Exhibit was tonite. Dorthea and Tamara pulled off a great night in a cool space. Right off Sunset in Echo Park, The NuErotic was located in a large space with a huge dance floor, 20' ceilings and a nice lounge area with a fire roaring in the corner. Here's some Hipstamatic shots.

The night incorporated a fashion show, dancers, a performance by Tamara and Dorthea, lots of art, loungin', dancin', some amazing musicians, a performance by Toledo, and living art.

Devorah watching from above.
Dorthea narrating the fashion show
The living artwork - fearless and beautiful
Dorthea's family/support system : Moe and Devorah
Dame Erin and Toledo Diamond
Toledo Diamond and the Fulltime Poet
Gyroe has great abs but Pepa is great head-to-toe, coming or going
clockwise from left - Tamara, myself, Dorthea and Devorah : The NuErotic Curators
Michael and Shaunte with Michael's trumpet. (out of frame : Shaunte's trombone)


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Unknown said...

We're tripling up next time! Can't wait to see YOU on the mic Mr.FTP!