Friday, October 29, 2010

Club Bullies : In Da Parking Lot

Hanging with The Club Bullies aka Paris Paul, D.J. Uniek, K.G. Superstar (not pictured here) and Wes Wunder in the parking lot of King-King.
Also present Dorthea, Peter, Jacqui and Kyong.
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Dorthea Porter and Peter Grant

Paris Paul and Dorthea
Paris Paul and Peter Grant
clandestine photo of Paris Paul onstage

Jacqui!! Kyong and Quaye (D.J. Uniek)
that's Jacqui!!!
D.J. Wes Wunder and Jacqui

Cheers to the Bullies and the Brkfst Clb
Happy Birthday to Wes Wunder
Thanks always to Sascha, Carolina and Mario.
Debt of gratitude to Annukka and Maus.
Wow! to Carlos Rodriguez Garcia. You are the best!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

TGIF : Thank God It's the Floor!!

The Floor 29 : from top : me with Vakisha, Dorthea and Joanna, Megan & Bjorn. below : video - live from The Floor "the moon - pt. II" (read it in it's entirety here). This clip features Julian Le on piano.

special thanks:
the floor producers : carolina cerisola & sascha escandon
and music director walter davis.
much thanks maus, annukka, asa, julian le, dj uniek, dorthea, dakota, fuzzbee and michael gracey.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Thursday, October 14, 2010


i am sorry for the failure
to complete my tasks
to get you home.

i am sorry for the things
i''ve done to you -
in broad daylight -

i am sorry
for pledging to be there
and then turning away

i am sorry
i can't impress you with the contents of my pockets
or the girth and size of my muscles

i am sorry
i started to write this.
it brings me nothing
but humiliation
and shame

i am sorry
that i have things to be sorry about
because it's heartbreaking-
the way we treat one another

i am sorry
i am limber and demand more
that i am not passive -
merely passive aggressive-

i am sorry for
saying the same thing
in different ways
again and again and again

i am sorry
i am not blind and
therefore can see you in my mind
for all eternity

i am sorry
for so many things
and the fate of my future
depends on the exorcism of these demons

i am sorry
i am.
i really am.
but i can't prove it or demonstrate it-
and you'll never know
how much it hurts.

i am sorry.


it's very hard not to be hungry
especially at 3 am
the bars are closed
stakes are rare
and there's no where to walk
and i'm too drunk to drive
wanna tear up my skin
and i claw myself
to relieve myself
reduce myself and
all around me is well and flat
and in between
that's the time
when failure reckons
with sunlight
truth and reality hit
i'm not so green
i'm not so green
i'm not so green
that i can't camouflage myself
among the fakes and pretenders
the ones who do all the things
the ones who put me to sleep
the ones who wish me
good night

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Like Folgers
We crystallize.
Like North and South-
We polarize
Like lousy poets
We plagiarize
Like old folk singers
we unionize

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Still my anger permeates
Gets to the heart of it
Sativas my soul
Heats up my heart in an instant

Saturday, October 9, 2010


I like when they do it
or what they simply do to me.
My sack. My sect.
My Hannibal Lechter mask of
pain and panacea;
Of outlandish desires

What they do-
lift the strap
Up and over
Laced on. Sucked in.
Lips chapped up;
Brush wanded

The grooming.
And starving for fitting clothing,
leaving me cold
as they scroll their thirsty t-shirts
down their frontside bodices.

Rib caged sensuality-
harbored issued grief
With a mind set on hair and
makeup and nails and
skipping curfew and bras and panties and lip glossed kissing.
Looking for security-
Making their own.

The rules.
The plucking
The unnatural smells
And crevassed sights
A midnite banquet or
an afternoon buffet-
A genuine chance at happiness.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


I didn't know
you liked me
when you acted that way, and
how was I to know?
that's why I appeared disappointed;
odd, mad and angered —
the opposite expression of my true feelings.

I liked you.
Maybe I loved you.
you were important.
i was impatient.
Never would i think
you could stomach
the sight of me.

Monday, October 4, 2010


Tables turn and turns table.
'On the hook' is an unborn truth.
One size fits all.
There's something to that.
A little of each.
Many of some.

Friday, October 1, 2010

The Floor 27 & 28 : Phew! Wow!

This post might seem "epic", and it does include 2 differnt nights (we'll get to that momentarily).

I'm gonna start with a few pictures and captions and we'll go from there.

Photos from top to center -
The god-like genius of Dr. T. This guy is something of an underground legend, he's played with many a badass funkateer, but he was here like a lot of us to kick back and just jam. His instrument is the vocoder, and he is the best damn vocoder player in the world!! I know that for sure!!
Below Dr. T is Maus - easily the best bartender in Hollywood - find her at the King King and tell her Nick - the full time poet - sends his regards. FYI - She was a poetry major in college.

Saxophonist/photographer Yancey Wells has a lot going on. I enjoy when I'm reading my poetry and I look over and he's just standing there listening to the words - sometimes nodding. He's a genorous and talented sax player who doesn't play like anyone else I know. Check his photography out.

While a guy named Joshua Silverstein beat-boxed, the cutest little B-girl-known as Peppa jumped up and
started gettin' down and was quickly pas-a-deuxing with B-boy Nasty Ray.

The 2 pix below Peppa are of Kimberly and Vakisha. Regular readers of this blog are of course familiar with Vakisha, and here she is in one of her infamous girl-on-girl salsa duets. Vakisha is always the boy.

Now I'm gonna pause and drop a little music knowledge and then right back
into The Floor....

In 1984, in Norwich England a group of 4 guys who had a band called The Farmer's Boys released their single "Phew! Wow!" (video posted at the bottom of this blog entry)

Flash forward to 2010 - The Floor at The King-King - "Phew" and "Wow" are the only 2 words i can use to describe the event that was Spetember's TWO The Floor Improv Nights. Recently having being written up in 944 and Los Angeles magazines, The Floor has been joyfully packed with tons of new people and lots of regulars.

I was able to drop a little science on the m-i-c, (thanks Walter!) and in descending order from center til the bottom:

First, a a few of me - (I mainly post those for my Mother) - and I want to thank Paris Paul for taking them - he is one of the incredibly beautiful talented people that make The Floor the night it is.

Pics of me with Floor family - old and new as follows (in descending order):

Kimberly Green



The Club Bullies
l—r Paris, Uniek, KG Superstar


Walter Davis

B-boy Peru.

The Floor's Producers
l—r Sascha, Walter & Carolina

The September Floors (27 & 28) were filled with surprises. Things like thug-life tap dancers, vocoder weilding doctors, Quetzel Guerro and the Warriors, the guy with the glowstick nunn-
chukks, mind blowing impromptu performances by Nasty Ray and Peppa, and Sa-Ca themselves who shook their precious little groove things.

Special shout-outs to Bjorn Fleuren who plays bass in the band - he jumped into the dance circle while still playing which was awesome and his bass strings are purple. I'm just sayin' — the dude is cool.

The band is full of red hot talent - Tetsuya on guitar, Alex on vibes, young Julian on the keys, drummer Asa, flute-ist/guitarist Fuzzbee and percussionist Ricardo bring their "A" game. They strap in and blast off. They keep the collective asses in the club up and moving.
For the full photo album click HERE (#28) and HERE (#27).
If you're don't already LIKE the page on FB, consider signing up. It's just a click.

The next Floor is the third Monday in October to the best of my knowledge.

The official EMI video ©1984 The Farmer's Boys - Phew Wow

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