Friday, October 29, 2010

Club Bullies : In Da Parking Lot

Hanging with The Club Bullies aka Paris Paul, D.J. Uniek, K.G. Superstar (not pictured here) and Wes Wunder in the parking lot of King-King.
Also present Dorthea, Peter, Jacqui and Kyong.
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Dorthea Porter and Peter Grant

Paris Paul and Dorthea
Paris Paul and Peter Grant
clandestine photo of Paris Paul onstage

Jacqui!! Kyong and Quaye (D.J. Uniek)
that's Jacqui!!!
D.J. Wes Wunder and Jacqui

Cheers to the Bullies and the Brkfst Clb
Happy Birthday to Wes Wunder
Thanks always to Sascha, Carolina and Mario.
Debt of gratitude to Annukka and Maus.
Wow! to Carlos Rodriguez Garcia. You are the best!

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