Saturday, November 27, 2010


We spent most of our time high or stoned or trying to get even higher or stonier. Especially in the summer months, we'd stay up all night or nod out as necessary blasting our Funkadelic records with only the Pacific Ocean to join in on the choruses; having the ocean as a cantakerous old man of a neighbor, constantly warning to stay off of his lawn.

"Super-stupid bought a five cent bag/
thought it was dope - but it was skag*"

We smoked for days and we smaked for hours; spent weeks with dirty sheets and little to eat. If we weren't shooting - we were screwing; we were hot and bothered and nasty all the time. We climbed the walls. We body surfed through the waves at dawn. We hid from the sun until night fall. We bathed in the midst of it unafraid; diving into the world's spotlight screaming "COME AND GET ME!!"

*Super Stupid - Funkadelic

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