Thursday, November 25, 2010


Lenny Kravitz's LoveLoveLove.

Love Love Love!!!
Whole Lotta Love!!*

This song embodies the spirit of LOVE.
In it, he lists all the things he doesn't need:

Don't need no television
Don't need no movie stars
Don't need no custom private planes
Don't need no politicians
Don't need no stocks and bonds
Don't need no cars or boats or trains
Don't need no diamond jewellery
Don't need no rare cigars
Don't need no magnums of champagne
Don't need no penthouse mansion
Don't need no Paris fashion
Don't need no shiny golden chain
Don't need no plastic surgery
Don't need no country clubs
Don't need no butlers, cooks or maids
Don't need no marijuana
Don't need no ecstasy
Don't need no blow or sleeping aids
Don't need no personal trainer
Don't need no fortune teller
Don't need no job that gets me paid
Don't need no more religion
Don't need no air condition
Don't need no one to get me laid
Don't need no private island
Don't need no chandelier
Don't need no million dollar view
Don't need no helicopter
Don't need no magazine
Don't need nobody else but you

in the chorus he concludes:

There ain't nothing you can give me
I'm already there
I got love
I got love love
I got love love love

He doesn't need anything because he has LOVE!

I think Lenny should have got a hip-hop artist to do the rapping portion of the song (which kicks in right at 2 min mark); Andre 3000, Ghostface Killah, Mos Def or even Jay Z would have been cool choices.

Lenny's other great "love" song is Let Love Rule - the first song on his first album (also the title of the album). It is also a favorite of mine. I never get tired of hearing it.

As long as we're talking bout Lenny Kravitz (and quoting *Led Zeppelin); a few years back when Lenny had his big hit Are You Gonna Go My Way, it was so over-played I quickly grew tired of it. At some point in time, Lenny did a performance at some awards show and hired John Paul Jones (of Led Zeppelin) to play bass. It changed the song completely and I started loving it!

I gained a new and incredible respect for John Paul Jones and realized that in Led Zep he was the crucial link between drummer John Bonham and guitarist Jimmy Page. Those two were groundbreaking players who chewed up music and spit it out like no one had ever heard before. As the bassist/ keyboard player, John Paul Jones had to put it together and make it whole and fit for a king — which he did.

He was working twice as hard as the others in the group and contributed twice as much yet he's overlooked and overshadowed by the style and lore of Page, Bonham and Robert Plant. Plant and Page have reunited on several occasions (fyi - Bonham died back in 1980), but John Paul Jones is nowhere to be seen. At Led Zeppelin's induction at the Rock 'N' Roll Hall Of Fame in 1995, the three of them showed up and John Paul Jones said "Yes, thank you. I'd just like to add also my thanks to Peter Grant, who gave us the freedom to do what we did, and also, thank you, my friends, for finally remembering my phone number."**

Fuck those guys!!
I think Jones should join the White Stripes. They don't have a bass player and Jack White is an obvious Zeppelin fan. I think it would sound completely awesome. What you say??

Check out the aforementioned performance of Are You Gonna Go My Way in the video below (Christian whatshisname introduces the band), and listen to John Paul Jones' adaptation of the original bass line in the song. It totally rocks!!

Finally - how cool is Lenny's ultra-afro'ed drummer Cindy Blackman?!?!

**Rock N Roll Hall of Fame Site:

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