Sunday, November 28, 2010

UltraLove -Slow Your Roll, Sweet Peaches

Ultralove is a Venice based group that is the musical vision of frontman Michael Wagner, a Philly native who arrived in L.A., a couple of years ago - his music being the impetus. The band consists of Mike "UltraLove" Wagner (Vocals, Guitar), Seth Murphy (Drums), Douglas Showalter (Guitar), Mike Gunn (Bass), Love Logiq (Vocals), Soulstar (Vocals), Adam Berg (Keys) and Joel Van Dijk (Guitar).

They play at Harvelle's - the oldest bar on the West side (circa 1931) every Monday. People seem to come from all parts of town to spend a night with the band as they produce their wholly inventive sound. Part R&B, part funky-folk with a heavy hip-hop influence, Ultralove is a band worth checking out. [Ultralove website]

[rev-o-lu-tion] is their EP which is available at all the usual outlets -
Amazon, iTunes, etc. It's got 6 songs - the best of which is a hip-hop flavored jam called Sweet Peaches. "her best friend was a Marlboro red" - is a great line; the lyrical hook - "slow your roll, sweet peaches" is A+. The band is snare-drum-tight and super groovy.

Here's a video from a recent Monday at Harvelle's (11/29/10)
He usually closes with this one. It's called "Rich And Famous"
Its catchy as hell!!
Soul singer/producer T-Smidi joins in near the end. Get it Smidi!!

Last Leg is another track I particularly like.
It's got swinging horns and has a feel unlike anything else on the EP.

It reminds me a bit of Animal Nightlife's Love Is Just The Great Pretender. Check it out below!
(FYI : Animal Nightlife's LIJTGP spent six weeks on the UK charts, peaking at #28 in July 1985)
Animal Nightlife - Love Is Just The Great Pretender ©1985 Island Records

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