Friday, December 24, 2010


(a cliché in horizontal poetry)

The return of the lack
The beginning of the end
The truth in the light of day
The secrets in the dark of night
The silly
The snorted
The audacity you've shown me
The childlike version of your story
your glory
Your beauty
Love gone wrong
but still on
(at least in song)

Get it in writing
Or it doesn't exist
Ha! So you think
You don't stink
Like I do
While I stew
While I jerk
While I smile
While I work
While I die
While I fly
While I question
And wonder why.

You can't always get what u want.
You can't always know when you're acting like a jerk-ass.
You can't help who you are
And what you do
We're all animals
Sharing the sun
Missing opportunities
Frustrated rhythms
Among yet alone
No real place to go home.

Still I exist
Still I smile
Still I find time
To get on the grind
To party and joke
To complain and be quiet
Enjoy the dark and the moody.
"Enjoy" she said.

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