Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Floor #31 : Hipstamatic Shots

I took some Hipstamatic™ shots to accompany the photo album posted on Facebook [click here]. The Floor #31 kicked off with a performance by Magnolia Memoir - a jazz/rock/pop group featuring the vocals of Mela Lee.
Magnolia Memoir's Mela Lee
Walter Davis is the Music Director/Saxophone player at The Floor. But you probably already knew that. He keeps his band tight and leads 'em through 2 sets of heavy dance/jazz/afro-cuban/funk which keep the people spinning on their heads and jumping around like kinetic popcorn - electric slippin and slidin' til the power's switched off.
Bjørn Fleuren - bass guitar
Maus - the best bartender in L.A. (@ King-King)
The incomparable Walter Davis on saxophone
Bjørn at the bar
Magnolia Memoir
Dancer Angel Jenkins
Magnolia Memoir's Gordon Bash on bass & Toby Karlin on sax
Dancer Kelsey McCowan
Magnolia Memoir's Gordon Bash on bass & Matt Lucich on drums
Magnolia Memoir's bassist Gordon Bash and guitarist Aron Forbes
Musician and old friend Alex Gordon
guitarist Tetsuya Moriguchi & keyboardist Eric Parker
The fabulous Vakisha & the awesome DJ Uniek
Maus and Alex Gordon
Me with Vakisha
drummer Asa Watkins & tapdance mistress Sarah Reich
Magnolia Memoir's keyboardist and vibraphonist Alexander Burke pictured here with DJ Uniek who spins the hot hits and the hip-hop and entertains in tandem with his group The Club Bullies.
guitarist Fuzzbee and keyboardist Eric Parker
The super-baaadddd Gabriella
Breakfast Club : Dorthea and Peter at iHop after the fact.
Happy New Year to the Floor Familia. See you all in January.

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