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I Love Music : 2010 top picks

The O'Jays are one of the greatest bands of all time. I dedicate this post to them and their song "I Love Music". Below is the famous Soul Train dance line with the O'Jays classic playing.

Here's my top ten picks for 2010:

1-Gil Scott-Heron-I'm New Here
A new album by my favorite artist? it's gotta be #1!! The guy's been in jail so that definitely was a major force in the creation of these songs. it's unlike anything he's done before. he told the press that it sounds different than his other albums because he didnt have a piano in jail. i think that says it all.

2-Black Dub (Daniel Lanois)-Black Dub
Daniel Lanois project featuring an eclectic group of musicians exploring some simple songs - and turning the arrangements inside out to make virtual symphonies of sound. Trixie Whitley is the lead singer on most of this.

3-VOP introducing Alfredo Rivera & DJK-Black Maya Voodoo
I met Alfredo at Harvelle's the night Esperanza Spalding sat in. I took a photograph of them standing next to each other mid-jam. His CD is fresh yet familiar and one of my favorite listens of the year. The only straight jazz CD on this list.

4-Ray LaMontagne-God Willin' And The Creek Don't Rise
Ray can write songs - no one can doubt that, but this collection is so solid and consistent, it really caught my attention from the first time I heard it. I love the title track - Rzez says the pedal steel riff is too similar to 'Wichita Lineman' - but to me it eases my mind.

5-Goo Goo Dolls-Something For The Rest Of Us
Speaking of Rzez - I always look forward to a new one by GGD and this one is no exception. The title track is big and awesome and infinetly enjoyable. Easily the best song I heard all year. (Check out this live video from NYE in OK*) I played the single "Home" so many times, my neighbor knows the words to it! "As I Am", "Sweetest Lie" and "Still Your Song" remain in heavy rotation.

6-Vintage Trouble-The Bomb Shelter Sessions
Vintage Trouble is the discovery of the year. This band is poised for stardom. 4 lads who rock g/b/d and Ty Taylor on vocals. Ty is one of the greatest singers I've seen/heard. They play soul music but with the masculine 'rawk' of Nalle Colt on guitar making a musical statement louder than your conventional soul. And they have songs!! There's not a bad one on this disc.

7-Bryan Ferry-Olympia
Ha! One of my other all-time faves. Bryan does what he does and beautifully interprets "Song To The Siren". It's always after a lush affair- when the party's over - and you're blissfully tired like you just met the love of your life or conversely - sad and depressed as the realization of the end of the affair sinks in.

8-Chali 2na-Fish Market pt.2
I don't know what happened to hip-hop. But this is the real deal. Chali 2na (aka The verbal
Herman Munster!!) is still one of the coolest voices in rap. This is a party!!

9-Peter Gabriel-Scratch My Back
I probably listened to this one more than anything else this past year. I can't explain it. i haven't enjoyed Peter Gabriel since the early 80s, but here was a body of work that was a like a gallery showing of PG's fave artists. I am amazingly glad I rediscovered him.

10-VA-Mick Karn Tribute-A Show Of Love Respect & Grace
We lost Mick earlier this month.
Mick was a completely unique performer.

He played bass in the most bizarre staccato way.
He would glide around the stage
effortlessly in an age where most
guys in
bands stood there sullen and still.
He was famous for playing with the group Japan (video
and later
Dali's Car.
His solo records were all delicate balances of pop and art.
This album was a fund raiser to help Mick with
medical expenses
related to his cancer battle.

Here's 5 more Favorites from last year:

Brian Eno-Small Craft On A Milk Sea
I have been listening to Eno since high school and have always dug what he's created, this one is no exception. It's musical art, it's very subjective. It's Brian Eno.

Kandace Lindsey-Acoustic Fire
Great singer/songwriter I discovered playing at Harvelle's. Poised for stardom.

Janelle Monae-The Arch Android
Janelle's been rockin' it for a few years now, and this album is vast and experimental but also features the song of the year "Tightrope". An extremely original artist.

Paul Weller-Wake Up The Nation
Paul revisits a more aggressive time and has a blast doing so. I'm a fan so I dig it.

Kanye West-My.Beautiful.Dark.Twisted.Fantasy
I have no idea what this is, but it's almost like a Malcolm McLaren compilation album. There's opera and ballet and hip-hop and some guitars and drums and it's a lot of fun. Kanye is sumthin' else!!

Top 5 Favorite Songs:
Goo Goo Dolls-Something For The Rest Of Us (aka Nightmares & Dreams)*

Black Dub/Daniel Lanois-The Birth Of BellaVista Nights**

*Goo Goo Dolls 'Something For The Rest Of Us'
live New Year's Eve Thackerville, OK
Happy 2011 Dolls!

**Daniel Lanois making pretty music :
The Birth of Bellavista Nights (video only)

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