Monday, March 21, 2011

On Tap with Sarah Reich

Sarah called and asked if I would be able to attend "A really big tap event" that she was going to be performing in called "On Tap @ Libertine".

The Libertine is a bar/restaurant across from the Chateau Marmont and they charge $20 to park. Inside it was packed. An open floor area accommodated several rows of folding chairs, every one of them full of tap dancers - many pre-teens - and a lot of parents.

The rest of the area was relegated for a "tapdance board" - a wooden board, that allows for the performer's tap shoes to be louder; it's construction features legs (or beams) affixed to the underside, resulting in the board being lifted off the ground. (See pics/video for reference.) When I met Sarah at The Floor, and it was her turn to perform, she would drag her mini-board (about 3'x 5') out to the dance floor — hand-crafted by her uber-supportive father years ago, it's black paint scuffed up from years of her diligence — set it down and do her thing!!

A couple of musicians (drums and keys) sat in the window of the joint and filled the place with funk and jazz as Sarah and others tapped in groups and solo, presenting routines, improving, and ending with everybody jamming!

Sarah saw me on the outskirts of the crowd, and waved.

She let me know that she was about to do a solo number and wanted me to record it. The crowd was 4 or 5 people deep — all tappers or enthusiasts or moms & dads — i pushed my way through, got myself situated, and pushed record (see video below)! [Sarah's website - click here]

Show note : This evening was hosted by actor Dulé Hill.
Big shout-outs to tap dancers Kelsey, Johnnie and Melinda; Tap Con Sabor, The Floor, Magnolia Memoir, the Club Bullies and Sarah Reich's father!!

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