Monday, March 7, 2011

The suit that got worn every day for a year
& the guy who wore it

I met Horacio Cadzco at Harvelle's one warm night, during what Southern California calls winter. He's an artist and sculptor and he had the idea to wear the same suit every day for a year.

He also decided he would not clean his suit or take care of his personal hygiene.

For one year.
He did this in 2005-2006 in his native Mexico. The suit is the centerpiece of this exhibition, and it looked pretty lived in. It definitely had a tough year.

Horacio's art deals with a lot of gross stuff. He sculpts with body waste - nails, hair, teeth - pretty much any thing that's shedded by our bodies. It's disgusting. I haven't seen any of his sculptures, but it is this fascination with the body's various excretions and by-products that gave him the idea to let his body produce away for a year without any limits.

The Destruction Of A Suit's suit - an exo-skeleton of sorts - cost $7000 - and stands as living testimony to the wearing down of all things. For a year, Horacio stayed in a motel, not cleaning or bathing - being outside most days - interacting with people. At some point people understood he was an eccentric artist living his artistic statement and not a drunk, creep or homeless man. Or did they?

Horacio and the remains of the suit.
Details from collage of photos, drawings and
mixed media as part of the exhibition.
The beginning of the end for the suit
things got grimey...
de-evolution is not pretty!

The Jaus gallery is easy to miss.

I was arguing with my GPS as I drove by again and again unable to make a positive address ID. But it was right there- although it's not where I thought it would be!

A nice space on the same property as gallery owner Ichiro Irie's actual house evidently.

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