Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Trip To Canter's Kibbitz Room.

I have a lot of anger inside of me.
It's not like I don't have the right to feel that.
I'm not gonna air my dirty laundry here.
At least not today.
Poetry keeps me sane.
The recent Poetry Night at the White House gave me hope (see video below).
It inspired me to write.
It inspired me to be honest & truthful & egoless and put it out there fully knowing it will be judged, tested and criticized - for better or for worse - by people's both important and unimportant personally, politically, from near and far, ad infinitum.

Peter Grant runs things at The Kibbitz Room on Mondays.
He is a mad genius of a guitar player, and as the night's leader he creates a musical foray both challenging and entertaining, and as the night goes on and things get fuzzy and blend together and the Monte Cristo's are digested and every note rings true from the stage to the bar and back again - that's when I bust out with some poetry.

Thanks to di$count ba$ie & the 99c jazz band which features Peter Grant - guitar & vocals, Dorthea L. P. Winnett - vocals, Kelela Bleu - vocals, Adam Steinberg - drums, Kenny Warfield - sax, Michael Railo - keys, William Lovell - bass, Dragon - vocals, sax & harmonica and Ken Robinson - percussion.

Special thanks Barack & Michelle Obama.

r.i.p. gil scott-heron

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Shots From THE SHOW

Live from King-King on Hollywood Blvd., it's The Show - the 3rd annual full-fledged production from producers Carolina Cerisola and Sascha Escandon - creators of the monthly The Floor Improv Night. Carolina is a favorite burlesque dancer; an Argentinian beauty who can move parts of her body while the rest of her stays stationary. I am an unabashed fan of both women and follow their exploits around town religiously, sometimes taking pix or vids, sometimes throwing down some poetry, but mostly just watching and appreciating what they are contributing in L.A.'s club & dance culture. 

The sizzling quartet of feather dancing beauty - 
l—r : Denna, Ayesha, Liinda and Molly
Carolina Cerisola wore a *hot* S&M style costume while performing with saxophonist Walter Davis.

Some of The Show's highlights included cabaret singer Lyndsay Haldarson leading a quartet of bumpin' and grindin' burlesque dancers. This featured Eastside Luv dancers Molly D'amour (Lady Gaga & The Toledo Show) and Liinda Garisto (Ne-Yo); also Harlow Gold's Denna Thomsen and Ayesha Orange.

Ranchera singer Rocio Mendoza sang from atop the bar, pausing mid-song to slug back a shot of Tequila. The second half of the number was gusto & joy filled and brought much applause (guitarist Efren Luna accompanied her).

My pals The Club Bullies brought us there and back, SWASS-in' out reprising their roles as the hosts of the night. Their prescence always adds excitement and joie d'vivre to any occasion. The Club Bullies are DJ Uniek, Paris Paul and K.G. Superstar.

Ombrey DeGrate is a very young guy with a voice like no other! It's part gospel and part r&b. He's an incredible soul man who's performance closed out the night.

A ballet pas-a-deux (Erin Rivera-Brennand & Eric Shah) and capoeira performance (Alfred Kendrick & Philipos Haile) were wonderful shows of beauty and strength.

Other dance disciplines represented included swing (Brittany Espinosa & Marshall Watson), samba (Morena Santos), flamenco (Vanessa Albalos) and breakin' (Jay “JSmooth” Gutierrez & Christopher “Super Troy” Troy). Andrea Brook played the "earth harp" a "harp" who's strings stretched across the length of the ceiling of King-King - she stood on a platform just under the ceiling and as she stroked and caressed the strings, a beautiful howling resonance filled the place. It was something I had never seen or experienced before.

While the production reprised a few numbers from the previous years - they were peppered among new numbers and in at least one case a whole new choreography set to the music of the original - a number with tap mistresses Sarah Reich and Melinda Sullivan being replaced by NY tap dancing twins The Lombard Brothers (Martin & Facundo). The music - a memorable scatter shot bit of classical genius-ary called "El Raton" - was composed by Carlos Rodgarman, who composed and orchestrated all of the music in The Show. Indeed, Rodgarman's house band were top-notch and fueled with passionate fire.

Congratulations to Carolina and Sascha for this triumphant tribute to tripping the light fantastic. The next Floor Improv Night is June 20.

for more pix from The Show check out the full album [here]

Liinda Garisto bends over backwards for your entertainment!
Denna Thomsen brings all the boys to the yard.
Molly D'Amour - a little burlesque - a little monster-esque.
Dorthea, Sean and KG Superstar
Pierre, Dorthea and Ayesha Orange

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


the best feeling
is void
of depression;
of that dark black drift;
of the mighty hold; choking

the best feeling is a triumph.
the best feeling is loved.
the way to be is
alive in real life
with the sounds of music;
not soothing - but moving-
that makes me feel
to not give up
to not fall all the way down
to remind me
that the time is now
that there is another one tomorrow
that life and death are serious topics
that are there, to be made fun of.*

*Life is far too important a thing ever to talk seriously about. - Oscar Wilde

Saturday, May 14, 2011


That's her name.
She loves to dance and frequents Harvelle's. 
That's where we met.
 Pix taken behind Harvelle's 5/5/11

Friday, May 13, 2011


sometimes i just can't do it -
face that bottomless copper pit -
burned black from decades of misuse-
dangle in mid-air like a side of beef;
my core impaled on huge metal-
getting pummeled by the fists of fury that are
my rare memories,
my insights,
my depravity and
my windsock -
strode upon by men and women
of all creeds and colors -
designated terrorists taking aim at my heart -
but they can't get me.

not yet anyway.