Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Trip To Canter's Kibbitz Room.

I have a lot of anger inside of me.
It's not like I don't have the right to feel that.
I'm not gonna air my dirty laundry here.
At least not today.
Poetry keeps me sane.
The recent Poetry Night at the White House gave me hope (see video below).
It inspired me to write.
It inspired me to be honest & truthful & egoless and put it out there fully knowing it will be judged, tested and criticized - for better or for worse - by people's both important and unimportant personally, politically, from near and far, ad infinitum.

Peter Grant runs things at The Kibbitz Room on Mondays.
He is a mad genius of a guitar player, and as the night's leader he creates a musical foray both challenging and entertaining, and as the night goes on and things get fuzzy and blend together and the Monte Cristo's are digested and every note rings true from the stage to the bar and back again - that's when I bust out with some poetry.

Thanks to di$count ba$ie & the 99c jazz band which features Peter Grant - guitar & vocals, Dorthea L. P. Winnett - vocals, Kelela Bleu - vocals, Adam Steinberg - drums, Kenny Warfield - sax, Michael Railo - keys, William Lovell - bass, Dragon - vocals, sax & harmonica and Ken Robinson - percussion.

Special thanks Barack & Michelle Obama.

r.i.p. gil scott-heron

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