Saturday, June 11, 2011


It was a perfect day.
It started at midnight
celebrating with the guys
in the back of Mal's club after a gig.

As the sun rose red and
we sobered up with the morning,
we retraced the first steps of mankind
on the western shores
of this bleached continent.

Talk is cheap.
But the bar tab wasn't.
JOE'S serves food and drink-
but me and Mal are insatiable onuses.
They brought liquor
and shots
and beer
and hearty vittles.
We dined.
And imbibed.
And enjoyed.

The girls were beautiful
and horny
and drunk
and as Walter's sax siren wailed on,
they began to undulate.
They climbed the furniture.
Then pole dancing.
The stripping off of their sweaters.

The music was funky, fresh, loud and heavy.
There was dancing and drunkeness
both of which are permitted and encouraged.
They played jazz from their heart and
funk for their soul and
on Sundays they play the same songs
in reverse order and
call it gospel.

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