Thursday, July 28, 2011


i wanna watch you burn
i wanna see you bright and shiny and
i wanna be close enough to feel the heat but
far enough away to avoid getting tormented

scarification - a memory of a past pearl,
covered by ink - now faded
and overgrown with masculine follicles
sprouting where youth once was -
smooth and sun-tanned -
hard like life -
now relaxed and nostalgic
the eyes on the prize lowered -
shielded by dark black mirrored glass.

to spit like tobacco -
expelling the bad taste
while gnawing at the gristly bits
tongue between teeth flicking

The Club Bullies Alive Tonight...

My pals K.G. Superstar, Paris Paul and D.J. Unieq aka The Club Bullies are playing tonight at Mile High - 5364 Wilshire Blvd. (I think this used to be The Conga Room). The other artist on the bill Anduze - his keyboardist Greg Raymond is in House Of Vibe.
(And Anna Simoni?)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Heather vs. Mick Ronson : All The Young Dudes

Recently, while sitting across from Heather, I noticed her expression and the way her hair was, and thought "she looks like Mick Ronson on the cover of Slaughter On 10th Avenue".

Heather didn't know who Mick Ronson was, but I assured her that he was the real deal when it came to cool-ness. Mick played guitar and sometimes keyboards for Ian Hunter and David Bowie and was a glam rock icon. His offspring are "celebrities" - his son Mark Ronson being a successful D.J./ musician/ producer while his daughter Samantha Ronson - also a D.J. - is infamous for having a very public relationship with Lindsay Lohan.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Makin' History : Hip-Hop at Harvelle's

Sometimes it just comes together.
No one can plan it.
Spontaneity will always reign supreme when it comes to live music and real talent. When creativity thrives under a microscope in a packed sweaty night club that's when magic happens.

Wed, July 20 at Harvelle's, the House Of Vibe and it's fearless leader Anthony Brewster, set the roof ablaze with a hot late-night set which re-united some of the West coast's hip-hop pioneers. Chali 2na of Jurassic 5 and Myka 9 of Freestyle Fellowship schooled us for real.

House Of Vibe get down like this every Wednesday - only at Harvelle's in Santa Monica.

The video above is
Welcome To The Fish Market (Chali 2na)
appearing on the mic in order is Chali 2na, Chali's brother Laidlaw, J-Smoov, HOV's Deploi, Freestyle Fellowship's Myka 9, Anon the inspirational MC, St. Mark (Darkleaf), and Ellay Khule (aka The Rifleman)
Mass Appeal (Gangstarr)/The Next Movement (The Roots)
Chali 2na, Laidlaw & FreeWill

House Of Vibe Allstars is Brew (v, k), Greg Raymond (k), Corey Cofield (b), Colin Wolfe (b), Jon Swift (rap), Deploi (rap), FreeWill (rap), Amy Lou (perc), Kris Hawkins (g), Shaunte Palmer (trombone), Sebastian Legar (trumpet), Jamon Laws (sax), Dan Boissy (sax), Bill Barrett (sax), Ijeoma Njaka (v), T-Smidi (v), Pete Antunes (d), Fish (d), Pookie (d) and in the video above - Walter Turner III (d). There are other members of HOVAS extended family - big shout-outs to all of 'em, with a special "hey ya!" to Vonyse, Biff Chitlins, Cecilia Noel, Rachel Lynn, and Tony Tarasco.

Peace to the funkiest crew of humans a guy could know - Brew and House Of Vibe!!

BASH : "The Pros And The Shawns"

Floor family brethren and musician Gordon Bash (bassist of Magnolia Memoir) has a band called BASH!!  They've been recording tracks and making videos with Martin Yernazian - another member of La Floor familia and a multi-talented auteur! The result of this collaboration is wild, fun and intense!!
Gordon Bash: Voice and Bass • Steve Kefalas: Drums • Scott Landes: Guitars
CREDITS : The Girl: Sascha Escandon || Party People: Sarah Reich, Kelsey McCowan, Paris Paul, Fuzzbee Morse and Carolina Cerisola. (Plus the entire The Floor Family) || Directed, Shot and Edited by Martín Yernazian || Co-Cinematography and Timelapse Photography: Zach Zdziebko || Production Manager and Pyrotechnics: Sero "PuppetMaster" Kassabian. || Shot on Canon 5D mark II and Canon 7D at Hollywood, CA. Death Valley, CA. and Las Vegas, NV. 
Links: [Bash] + [The Floor] + [Atorrante Films] + [Martín Yernazian] + [Magnolia Memoir]

Thursday, July 21, 2011


i love you in my life.
you are magically and delightfully a 10
i would easily do anything for a beauty like you.
but you ask me for things
even as i'm offering you things,
you ask for things.
i hate that about you.

if you want things for free
i am not that guy
if you think you are smarter than me
and can trick me into giving you things
just because you're beautiful
you are mistaken.

i don't know why you would think i was that.
i don't know why you think i could (or would) give you anything.
you had to remind me how to pronounce your name.
we are not close.
not even a little.

i don't know what type of people you are used to dealing with-
i am loyal
i am romantic
i have an artists heart and a poet's soul
i can't NOT think of ways to describe your beauty-
your beauty that must remain silent.
your closed mouth beauty
is the best i can hope for now.
i am not an ATM

perhaps i expect too much
but damn!
why do you think i should give you anything for free?
and why do you keep asking?

beware of angry bull

perhaps you're unaware of this
why would you do it once - let alone twice.
maybe it's the way you were brought up.
maybe you abide by 'ask and ye shall receive'.
maybe you have me confused with your father.
maybe you're awkward socially and you say the opposite of what you mean
or give off the wrong first impression.
or second impression.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Floor 40 : Happy Anniversary!!

Carolina Cerisola
Sascha Escandon
Walter Davis
Asa Watkins
Vanessa Crocini
Dorthea L.P. Winnett

 The Floor has been around for 3 years!!
A prevailing triumph in a city where spots to blow-up are a dime a dozen, Carolina and Sascha's monthly night at the King-King brings out the hardcore dancers and players, celebs as well as regular people, all sweating, all groovin', all sharing the same generous space provided to exorcise those demons of sloth right out of yer skeleton. This happens once a month on the third Monday; the next one will be held August 15.
For the full photo album click [here]

Monday, July 18, 2011

Me And Tasha : Sweaty As We Wanna Be

I am sweaty.

Everyone who has spent any time with me knows that I am sweaty.
Sometimes, on my way somewhere, it starts.
Other times it kicks in once I'm there.

It happens in the checkout line, at the polling place and while I'm clothes shopping. It's distressing and embarrasing and even though everyone's sweaty at The Floor after a bit (so I "blend" in), there are other places where I become very self-concious. Sales clerks have handed me rolls of paper towels and restaurant owners have turned up the air conditioner, all from them witnessing my perpetual state.

I apologized for being soooo sweaty to my city mouse cousin J-HK in NY who saw me after walking several Manhattan blocks to meet him in Times Square. He said "If you don't say anything, no one will notice". Not sure if that's true or not.

I've also traveled with towels and handkerchiefs and multiple shirt changes. I've tried a few anti-anxiety meds, some work better than others. When I work out, I have to wear a headband to keep the sweat out of my eyes and even then it gets drenched and starts to drip after a half hour.

Tonight I saw Tasha Taylor.
She had a small terry-cloth that she used to dab herself dry in between songs. She dabs at her forehead, upper lip, neck and breasts. She looks sexy as hell doing it. That's not how I look when I'm sweaty at all. But I empathize completely.

Tasha Taylor earns her sweat though.
The daughter of R&B singer Johnnie Taylor, she's onstage under hot lights singing her heart out, even covering one of her father's most famous -"Who's Making Love". She looks great in skintight animal prints and teasing above-the-knee hemlines. Her voice is filled with effortless gospel soul and her original songs are truly in the spirit of the classic r&b I grew up with, without sounding "retro" in the least. Her album Taylor Made is full of radio-ready cuts like "Queen", "Somebody" and "Refund"(watch the video below for an excerpt from this wickedly groovy jam). It's 'I'm-singing-my-heart-out-even-though-I'm -sad-as-hell' kinda music.

One of her father's songs is "Your Love Is Rated X". With it's trumped up sexuality, it's sweetness is revealed when J.T. says that "'X' means you're 'X-tra Special'".

One of his other hits, "Disco Lady" features a Marvin-esque burst of unrepentent horniness as he stands back and watches this lady do it in the way he likes!
The hook goes something like this:
"Shake it up /shake it down /move it in /move it 'round /Disco Lady."
"Disco Lady" also features a bad ass guitar solo, throbbing bass and pre-Chic disco purity. "Disco Lady" was the first ever certified platinum single (two million copies sold) and he made history again when he performed at the 1972 Wattstax concert at the L.A. Coliseum.

Cheers to Tasha Taylor who performs at Harvelle's in Santa Monica every Tuesday night.

Sunday, July 17, 2011


when you're lonely and failing
don't call me
when your head is on fire
don't call me
when you're mixed up
and torn
when you don't know the answer
when you've walked around in circles
til your face has turned blue
that's the time for action
that's a time for forward motion
a call to arms
but don't dial my digits
don't call me

i won't help you
the way you didn't help me
i'm not interested in protecting your best interests
when you left me here to churn

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dezmond Meeks : Already A Star!!

Dezmond Meeks is already a star.

A cross between "Prince and Little Richard" (-Piers Morgan), I've seen Dez perform many times in many different venues and every performance is always fresh, amazing and uniquely "Dez-ian" (-Nick Faigin)! Tonight Dez strut his multi-talented stuff in front of the world starring in a huge production number on the TV show "America's Got Talent", that had him singing "Satisfaction" (-Rolling Stones), dancing, playing piano and sharing the stage with half a dozen gold lamé wearing dancers - one of whom jumped on top of his piano, erotically squeezed her chest and then proceeded to spin from a chandelier suspended from the ceiling!! Unphased by the flying feet near his head, Dez kicked out the jams and shimmied across the stage. Wearing a tux shirt, gold cummerbund and a skinny tie, Dez also rocked a Captain's hat which he expertly doffed to reveal his freshly shorn locks!!
Dezmond Meeks at The Floor (King-King, Hollywood, CA, May 2011)

After the song, he stood center stage and took criticism from Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne and Howie Mandel (pictured below), most of which was constructive; the true arbiter - Piers - being overwhelmingly positive.

Like I said - he's already a star!!
Go Dez!!!

Watch the full video below!
Buy Dez's single on iTunes: Them & Me!

Monday, July 11, 2011

The Floor 40 : 3 Year Anniversary!!

The Floor is Monday July 18th! 

The hottest night of the summer, it's The Floor - 3rd Anniversary!! Producers Carolina Cerisola and Sascha Escandon will be celebrating the overwhelming success of The Floor with a "Havana Nights" theme, so appropriate dress is encouraged!!!