Thursday, July 21, 2011


i love you in my life.
you are magically and delightfully a 10
i would easily do anything for a beauty like you.
but you ask me for things
even as i'm offering you things,
you ask for things.
i hate that about you.

if you want things for free
i am not that guy
if you think you are smarter than me
and can trick me into giving you things
just because you're beautiful
you are mistaken.

i don't know why you would think i was that.
i don't know why you think i could (or would) give you anything.
you had to remind me how to pronounce your name.
we are not close.
not even a little.

i don't know what type of people you are used to dealing with-
i am loyal
i am romantic
i have an artists heart and a poet's soul
i can't NOT think of ways to describe your beauty-
your beauty that must remain silent.
your closed mouth beauty
is the best i can hope for now.
i am not an ATM

perhaps i expect too much
but damn!
why do you think i should give you anything for free?
and why do you keep asking?

beware of angry bull

perhaps you're unaware of this
why would you do it once - let alone twice.
maybe it's the way you were brought up.
maybe you abide by 'ask and ye shall receive'.
maybe you have me confused with your father.
maybe you're awkward socially and you say the opposite of what you mean
or give off the wrong first impression.
or second impression.

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