Friday, July 22, 2011

Makin' History : Hip-Hop at Harvelle's

Sometimes it just comes together.
No one can plan it.
Spontaneity will always reign supreme when it comes to live music and real talent. When creativity thrives under a microscope in a packed sweaty night club that's when magic happens.

Wed, July 20 at Harvelle's, the House Of Vibe and it's fearless leader Anthony Brewster, set the roof ablaze with a hot late-night set which re-united some of the West coast's hip-hop pioneers. Chali 2na of Jurassic 5 and Myka 9 of Freestyle Fellowship schooled us for real.

House Of Vibe get down like this every Wednesday - only at Harvelle's in Santa Monica.

The video above is
Welcome To The Fish Market (Chali 2na)
appearing on the mic in order is Chali 2na, Chali's brother Laidlaw, J-Smoov, HOV's Deploi, Freestyle Fellowship's Myka 9, Anon the inspirational MC, St. Mark (Darkleaf), and Ellay Khule (aka The Rifleman)
Mass Appeal (Gangstarr)/The Next Movement (The Roots)
Chali 2na, Laidlaw & FreeWill

House Of Vibe Allstars is Brew (v, k), Greg Raymond (k), Corey Cofield (b), Colin Wolfe (b), Jon Swift (rap), Deploi (rap), FreeWill (rap), Amy Lou (perc), Kris Hawkins (g), Shaunte Palmer (trombone), Sebastian Legar (trumpet), Jamon Laws (sax), Dan Boissy (sax), Bill Barrett (sax), Ijeoma Njaka (v), T-Smidi (v), Pete Antunes (d), Fish (d), Pookie (d) and in the video above - Walter Turner III (d). There are other members of HOVAS extended family - big shout-outs to all of 'em, with a special "hey ya!" to Vonyse, Biff Chitlins, Cecilia Noel, Rachel Lynn, and Tony Tarasco.

Peace to the funkiest crew of humans a guy could know - Brew and House Of Vibe!!

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