Friday, August 19, 2011

The Floor 41 : The Hip Shots

If it were any other Monday, I wouldn't be in Hollywood at the King-King at The Floor! Only on the 3rd Monday of the month, this unique club experience is still the place to be if you want to dance, play or sweat or if you enjoy watching and listening to people dance, play and sweat.

I spent this past weekend at a wedding (congratulations Bjørn & Megan), and tonight La Floor Familia officially celebrated Jacqui and Wes' engagement (pictured above with me). Some more pix with me in 'em - all shot by Dorthea Lauran, who handled my photo duties for me. What did I do instead? Hung with the band, dropped some poetry on the crowd and caught up with the awesome folks who frequent this disco inferno known as The Floor.

Alexander Burke
Annukka and Carla
Maiko Maya
Surrounded by my fave peeps : 
Carolina, Dorthea, K.G. and Sascha (photo Doug Silton)
Roman Vazquez
Mela Lee and Magnolia Memoir's Gordon Bash and Alexander Burke.
Ricardo Hambra
Jacqui Ugarte
Tommy King
Asa, Ethan, Ruslan and Walter
Dessy DiLauro
Ric'key Pageot
 Always full of pretty people and hidden talents, you never know who or what you might see. Regulars like hip-hop soul monks The Club Bullies, nu-skool tap-dancers Kelsey McCowan & Sarah Reich, electra/gothika chanteuse and artisté Dorthea Lauran, DJ's Uniek and Wes Wunder, multi-disciplined hyphenates Paris Paul, Vakisha Coleman, K.G. Superstar and Doug Silton, dancer/musician Pake-Lika, drummer Asa Watkins, percussionist Ricardo Hambra, keyboardists Ruslan Sirota and Tommy King, and dancers! Lots of dancers! To name but a few - Walter Jones, Tiffany Bong, Marshall Watson, Stephanie Klausman, Minn Vo, Pepa Yuan, Lisa Solar, Roman Vasquez, Charlene Rose, Holly Hyman, Shaheed Qaasim, Dakota and of course hostesses Carolina and Sascha!
Club Bully K.G. Superstar
Maiko Maya and Tommy Johnson
Dakota Ferreiro
Ricardo Hambra
Walter Davis
Sascha Escandon
Ruslan Sirota
New talent was abundant;  Dessy DiLauro, Ric'key Pageot and Tommy Johnson - all musicians I know from Harvelle's coincidentally - threw down with some heavy duty playing that dazzled this enthusiastic Hollywood crowd. New bass recruit Ethan (don't know his last name but he has played with The Toledo Show in the past) as well as the return of Tommy King on keys rounded out the core band - Asa, Ruslan, Ricardo and Alexander all led by sax/flutist Walter Davis.

We'll do it again next month. 
Just let me towel off and catch my breath.
For the full photo album of the night, check it out on Facebook [here].

FTP blog shout-outs to those m.i.a - David Polon, Ryan Michael, Josavelle Ramos-Cruz, Gabriella Gala, Liinda Garisto, Molly D'Amour, Julian Le (happy 21st), Bjørn Fleuren, Sophie Turner, my Italians - Annalisa Rinetti, Vanessa Crocini and Robbie Angelucci, Dezmond Meeks, Brian & Rebecca, Peter Grant, Kimberly Green, Dan Lanois, Mark Howard, Denise Zavala, Jillian Shmitz, Martin Yernazian, Lizbeth Santos, "El BBQ de" Raymond Castellon, Chloe Arnold, Sir Harry Bowen, Ombrey DeGrate, Jeremy Erwin and Tetsuya.

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Great pictures Nick! it was a wonderful night..