Monday, August 29, 2011

Vintage Trouble : Who'll Be The Next In Line?

When I first met Vintage Trouble last year, they were the hardest working band in showbiz, let alone the L.A. club scene. From the Westside to the Eastside when they announced their only L.A. show - you better believe it - the line on 4th Street outside the club stretched down the block and around the corner.  This unprecedented event is a sure sign that the people want 'em!

And who can blame them?

This past Friday the band showed what happens when you play 80 shows in 100 days.  They learned their craft - they got real good!! They exhibited rock 'n' roll perfection.  Not a formula, but a genuine organic soul thang, with Ty Taylor onstage taking everyone to church and infusing them with powers beyond those experienced by us mere mortals.

Vintage Trouble is Ty Taylor (v) Nalle Colt (g) Rick Bario Dill (b) & Richard Danielson (d).
Their first album The Bomb Shelter Sessions is available now!

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