Friday, September 23, 2011

The Floor 42 : Viva Italia!

Welcome to the 42nd Session of The Floor!
The King-King in Hollywood hosts this incredible night of live music and amazing dancing in a relaxed and cool atmosphere filled with beautiful people. For a handful of currency, you can gain entry into this free-for-all party and spin on your head, kick your heels in the air, shake your hips from side-to-side or bring your axe and add to the groove.
Walter, Shadarius, Liinda and Ruslan
Ricardo Hambra
Robertino and friend

I've been frequenting the place since it's inception, originally brought on board by music director Walter Davis who, being supportive and encouraging of my spoken word performances, invited me to share my verse with the spirit of spontaneity and lyricism AND with the backing of his able group, the members of which have changed over the years, but with Davis leading the fray he has kept the quality consistent and of high standards attracting everyone from members of Ozomotli and The Toledo Show to Chris Botti and Sting.
Gordon Bash
Sarah Reich
Club producers Sascha & Carolina
Tonight the unofficial theme was Italians!
Everywhere there were Italians - Floor familia Annalisa Rinetti brought several and my friends Vanessa Crocini and Robbie Angelucci were there. Vanessa is a documentary filmmaker [Vanessa's website]. Robbie is an accomplished guitarist - currently on the road with Frankie Vali. [Read Robbie's article on Burning Man]!

The other theme of the night was - as always - SWEAT!

The most common response I get when I ask someone if I can take their picture is "Oh! I'm so sweaty". Get over it.
We come to The Floor to sweat.
If you're not sweating, maybe you don't even belong there.
That said, those that come to stand around and look good and look good while looking' at everyone sweating - they are always welcome! Watching the action at The Floor is just as exciting as actually participating as the room is filled with all types of extraordinary dancing and live music played by some of the industry's hottest players - the audience for this is built-in and super supportive. The club is as popular and successful as it is because of it's participants. Cheers to the contributions of those who come there to play, have fun and sweat!!!

for the complete photo album of the night on Facebook [click here]

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