Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Red Zebra : A Real Live Art Rock 'N' Roll Fashiøn Show (Finally!)

I came here tonight for 2 reasons. To paint, and drink some beer. And we're almost out of beer.

Taking place in downtown L.A. on a Thursday night, artist Robert Vargas threw a bash for no apparent reason other than to paint and invite some people to watch, or model or just hang out. With much square footage of varied entertainment Red Zebra is an inspiring place to be.

Part of the club was reserved for pro models (great looking ones) hired to pose and allow artists in attendance to take advantage of a life drawing class experience in a club atmosphere! Beats the hell out of the art classes I took at Pierce college. No cocktails were served there.

This was some grown freaks folks getting together to have some fun with one another; dancing, imbibing; creating art or taking it in, and I wouldn't be amiss to suggest that if you had a boner in this club you could walk around with no one noticing. I think I saw a couple.

Red Zebra takes place in a converted bank vault divided into areas of art, live performance, and DJ propelled dance floor. Upon entry, Mr. Vargas himself was making large portraits of people posing for him. On his knees, working in mostly blacks and reds and grays he moves the paint about the canvas using brushes as well as his fingers - sometimes almost violently - to create interpretations of his subjects (see pics).

The night's soundtrack was rock 'n' roll courtesy of AK & Her Kalashnikovs. Also on the bill was _princessFrank who's solo electric guitar & bass drum act takes on some "Classic Rock" classics (Pink Floyd's Young Lust and Love's Little Red Book). I greatly enjoyed his performance.

The evening wasn't complete until Miss Barbie-Q took the stage. This fierce-some drag queen performed a J-Hud inspired number, pumping up the place before bringing down the house. Her business card reads "Talk to you soon! Life is good!" in a deliberate attempt to encourage people to enjoy themselves in and around others. In agreement with that philosophy, this party was just what I needed. The complications of my life lent themselves well to this celebration of art and life and living.

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