Saturday, October 29, 2011


We'll meet again
Older & wiser-
Souls aligning
And allowing the water to be correctly fahrenheit-ed.
Swimming inspired,
Rolling in the sand at our hips-
Pacific waves laughing at us entwined.

to work hard for-
who brings out the best-
that hasn't forgotten about l-o-v-e...
because I remember it feeling different.

Clamoring for sophistication
Black and white checked reality
With an R&B soundtrack
Like The Isley Brothers
Or Reverend Al Green

At Long Last (like Cole Porter)-
Love merely dabbed behind the ears won't do.
Dotted on wrists is but a sample-
I'm here for real-
Doing what I must
Insuring there is happiness on the horizon-
Fragranced fog and
Mountains of music in which to run and hide and seek.

You will fade without proper care.
It's already begun.
Do what you must-
But if there is a karmic love experience that exists,
like singers of great songs describe-
Like the naive bliss of Marvin Gaye-
Like the heart & soul-roll of Isaac Hayes-
Like the unrepentant apple-cide of John Lennon,
That is a punch in the face.

The kick in the teeth-
Like life's got ya down-
The real world beauty that allows the sun shines to halo-
Outlining your freckled whisp-ed visage,
Your voodoo witchcraft and tribal muse-
Surrounded and cut off like an island mynx.

Like a ballerina
In a chiming box-
Satin-covered, mirrored-wood-
Like delicate perfection.
Like a yellow flower dancing in a cool waft
on a grassy hill bunkered in bloom.

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