Friday, October 7, 2011

EASTSIDE LOVE : Robert Vargas, Red Zebra & Eastside Luv

 I have much love for the East side.

Despite my allegiance to Santa Monica and all points West, there's no denying the amazing things that are happening other places. Eastside Luv, the Boyle Hgts watering hole that is the coolest, most un-pretentious hang in town is my favorite spot. A couple of friends of mine do a burlesque show there, and about once a month they do something called Morrissey-oke.

Outside ESL with Carolina and Liinda

Caro and Liinda outside of Vargas' mural at ESL

Robert Vargas is bigger than ever.
In a convergence I am fond of, Mr. Vargas has combined his own sizable talents with some generous real estate - the wall on the outside of Eastside Luv.

A couple of Saturdays ago, the day began with Robert Vargas walking from downtown, crossing the First Street Bridge into Boyle Heights, accompanied by musicians, and creative luminaries from the downtown art scene in a symbolic reversal of his own personal journey from East to West (America).

Vargas explains "So much has been made about the crossing of the bridges from East to West in search of opportunity, my walk from West to East is signifying the change of that perception."

Vargas: “More than merely just hanging up work, it’s important to me to include and engage the neighborhood so that they too feel they are apart of the creative process. I was born at White Memorial just behind here. I view this show as a homecoming.” He added : “Willie has done an amazing job with Eastside Luv. It’s an integral part of the rebirth of this historic corridor and I am pleased to contribute.

Robert Vargas' Red Zebra (ABOVE/Below) celebrates art and life and diversity and creativity and the creative themselves, combining live music and a DJ fueled dance floor with live painting, life drawing stations with professional models, dancing girls, a full fashion show in a club atmosphere at a beautiful downtown location.
This particular fashion show featured upscale latex from Black Licorish.

Tonight's Red Zebra attendees reveled in the collective energy generated by so much creativity in one room. Shout out to princessFrank, Taryn, Rick (Tasha Taylor's bassist) and the party host Robert Vargas!

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