Thursday, January 26, 2012

CARNIVAL!! : A hollywood trip where choreography is king.

followers of this blog no doubt recognize the woman above as Lady V (aka Vakisha Coleman), one of Carnival!'s hostesses.

Hawaiians Maile and Vakisha

 Charlene and Roman : dancer/choreographers

For 13 years Carnival! has been a gathering of professional dancers, choreographers and fans of movement celebrating their own. Tonight, as Lady V's guest, I experienced this spectacle up close. 

What a night, what a bash, what an amazing group of people all getting down and gettin' wild. The performances, the people, the enthusiasm, the support of this community is easy to feel even in a room the size of Avalon.

 Good looking out Roman, Charlene, Liinda, Noel, Sandra, Robert, Vennum & Tanya, Patrick & Toni Basil
Special thanks Vakisha 

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