Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Floor 47 : I Got Some Funk Stuck In My Throat!
(And It Won't Come Out!))

The Floor #47 jump started with Funkmaster Victor Orlando's group Fun-Ja-La, and kicked into high gear, where it remained throughout the night (see video below). With the early arrivers getting treated to a set of genuine F-U-N-K!! We were all chanting furiously along with "I Got Some Funk Stuck In My Throat (And It Won't Come Out)"!! If you weren't a funk fan when you got there, you most certainly were when you left! [Buy Fun-Ja-La CD] || Thanks Victor for veering off the flight pattern and dropping into The King-King!!

Besides the Funk!, the night had a frenzied energy spurned on by the attendees who included Fela cast members, the Battle Of The Dance stars, a group of international UCLA law master's students, scintillating salseras, burlesque beauties and a small army of Capoeira-istas who blew the doors down!!

Of course DJ Uniek and Walter Davis kept the music non-stop in-between, making for more than enough entertainment for one night.

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Always great meeting all of you first-timers, seeing repeat visitors, and hanging out with those I know and love. The Floor continues to be a wonderful club experience. 
Thank you Sascha, Carolina and Walter.
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