Sunday, January 15, 2012

Heather watch : Freddy Smalls Is The Illest

Heather's gainfully employed but still slinging hash for the masses at this new spot called Freddy Smalls (the sign just says Freddy's). Miss Heather had left a fuzzy black garment in my car and needing to get it back to her, I dropped on by.

I shall definitely return to try the pig ear & fried egg sandwich or the Belgian waffles. Also - brussel sprouts are currently the "in" vegetables. Beets were real big for the longest time, but brussel sprouts seem to be finding their way on to more and more menus.  Freddy's serves 'em fried.

Also on the "late night" menu, "Castelvetrano" olives dusted with wild fennel pollen and satsuma mandarin, a tiny paper bag filled with spiced BBQ cashews with chewy candied bacon, deviled eggs stuffed with bleu cheese and a shard of chicken skin and bacon gourgere with aged jack.

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