Thursday, January 19, 2012

Life's A V-Riot With Vakisha
(aka Driving Through Your Neighborhood)

Things are never dull when you're around Vakisha Coleman. The singer/ dancer/ actress/ model/ spokeswoman/ rapper is all that and then some!

Her monthly showcase at Mama Juana's - "The V-Rioty Show" is a fresh approach to an old format. Vakisha is always performing somewhere, but tonight allows her to host and sing and let everyone else do the heavy lifting.

DJ Unieq kept it real and real funky on the 1's and 2's.

Comedians, beat-boxers, dancers, singers, rappers and Lady V's own soulful rendition of "His Eye Is On The Sparrow"made the evening an unforgettable one. Additionally, she closed out the night singing Donna Summer's "Last Dance" - (one of the greatest songs of all time?!?).

In an impromptu finale, Vakisha instigated a jam between the beat-boxer, the didgeridoo player and the tap dancer. It was brilliant!!

 Performing third, I laid down some spoken word - reading my poem "Driving Through Your Neighborhood" (see video below).

I was followed by didgeridoo crafter/ performer William Thoren who presented his instrument (which can be monotonous) with excitement and originality. Bravo! Outer Circle B-boys Peru, Inglewood and Gyroe (under the moniker "The Bukake Kings"), who despite having made the beautiful mouth of Lady V utter their disgusting slang name, kicked the shiz out of the dance floor. These boys are crazy!

The next V-Rioty Show is Feb 21.
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