Friday, January 27, 2012

Vintage Trouble : Winners Of 2012 iPhone Film Festival

Congratulations to Vintage Trouble!

Their Nancy Lee video - which was filmed exclusively using the iPhone 4 - is the winner of the 2012 iPhone Film Festival!
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The music video was shot, directed and edited by 3 time Emmy Award winner Alen Petkovic and also features Carmit Bachar of the Pussycat Dolls. Filmed in one day in July 2010, this is from Vintage Trouble’s self-released first album The Bomb Shelter Sessions. Re-released in the UK last year, it is available through the band's website and Amazon.

Vintage Trouble is Ty Taylor (v) Nalle Colt (g) Rick Barrio Dill (b) Richard Danielson (d). The band thanks Charlie Brumbly, Lori Forbes, Jo McMullen, Ben Caron, Cindy Robinson, Derek Ferguson, Debi Adut, Halo Summerlin, Hannah Bornstein, Tawny Dolley, Bonnie Harris, Rob Russel, Lemuel Thornton Harrison, Daphne Gabriel, Ryan Boone, Melanie Reese, Dane Biren

One of the iPhones used in the shoot was actually stolen shortly after filming and recovered using the “Find My iPhone” app. [Rick Barrio Dill's account of how the iPhone was recovered]

Here's the video in it's entirety:

If you've never seen the performance of Nancy Lee they did on Jools Holland's Later, here it is:

Currently on tour in Australia, Vintage Trouble will be playing a 5 night stand at The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas February 7—11 (2012).

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