Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Dakota's Burlesque All Stars : The Skinny In NoHo

Dakota is one of the coolest chicks I know.

A classically trained dancer who is one of the most in-demand burlesque performers, she not only dances, tours and teaches, but has established companies in Los Angeles, New York, Dallas and Puerto Rico. Her current project is Miss Dakota's Burlesque All Stars (BAS). As the name implies, the troupe is stacked with a roster of the sexiest flashiest girls in the business; tonight's line-up included salsera/singer Charlene Rose, bump 'n' grind princess Jasmin Figueira, Alyssa Marquez, Lanie Hoxie and hostess & singer Erin Fargo. (See video below)

(Show note - Although dancing to tracks this night, The BAS are usually backed by live musicians led by bassist Steve Pandis.)

I've known Dakota since the Bongo Fury days at Harvelle's. Speaking of which, Bongo Fury is returning to Harvelle's (Long Beach) on Friday Feb 17. Walter Davis has re-tooled the production which re-unites him with dancers Carolina & Zepha.

I've been running into Hawaiian dancer Maile a lot lately. 
The Stevenson sisters and Roman Vasquez.
Roman Vasquez with not-the-Stevenson-sisters.

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