Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Meet A Dame : Here's MINDY

Mindy is a Dame. 
One of The Toledo Show "dames" to be exact. She is a burlesque dancer - one of the sexiest and most feminine of all the Dames (watch this blog to meet the others). Everyone loves Mindy. She can make you feel like you're the only guy in the room and you've got 100% of her attention. 
Mindy is the proprietress of the website Dolls And Dames; an erotic website featuring girls styled like 1950s pin-up models. Like those old porn-lite images of Bettie Page and others of that era, these dolls and dames are always having "wardrobe malfunctions", losing their top, or being spanked, but they smile through it all. It ain't free, but it's inexpensive, and for those who like their sexual ephemera vintage - it's the only game in town. Light up a Black 'n' Mild™, pour yourself some Remy Martin, put on your matching slippers, robe & fez and log-on.

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