Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Floor #49 : The Jacqui & Wes Wedding Reception

Wes and Jacqui sealing it with a kiss
Carolina and Sascha
The Floor was written up recently in the L.A. Times. The piece written by a Times staffer, praised the night for it's originality, music and atmosphere, but the The Floor is really about dancing and that is obvious enough to any remote outsider joining in for a night. Tonight though wasn't about outsiders; tonight was about Jacqui and Wes - he a Club Bully and she - his beautiful bride. Getting married on a Monday is pretty novel, but having your reception inside The Floor is downright genius!! Filled with members of the wedding party, it was a party indeed, having started earlier in the day at the church and continuing on to the King-King. Once there, we celebrated with some traditional wedding rituals - introduction of the bride and groom, first dance, bouquet throwing and dancing with strangers (thank you Vakisha) - the party atmosphere was in full swing by the time the club patrons started arriving around 10 pm.

Spanky on drums
The night was DJ'ed in part by Unieq, who took an early leave and left the decks in the hands of fellow Club Bully Paris Paul, who sliced and diced the music seamlessly, then generously turned the DJ'ing over to the super cool DJ Crystal Ellis (an international Playboy™ Playmate according to her business card!)
Sarah taps her way into our hearts

Dessy DiLauro and Walter 
Among the usual Floor good times, we were treated to a vocal and dance performance by the one and only Toledo Diamond (of The Toledo Show) and one of Carolina's beautiful burlesque routines, which like the early days of The Floor, had her descend from the King-King's 2nd floor spiral staircase, shakin' her groove thing step by step until everybody was thoroughly engaged and cheering for more.

Walter Davis led the band which included Floor 1st timer - guitarist Joel Van Dijk (Ultralove, Aloe Blacc) - along with keyboardist (the freshly graduated) Julian Le, Ethan Farmer on bass, Asa Watkins on drums with Fuzzbee playing the flute and a drummer named Spanky giving it up like his life depended on it. 

Dessy DiLauro got on the mic and treated us to her multi-octave jazz vocals, trading licks with Walter. Tap dancer Sarah Reich strut her stuff going back n forth with the drummer (Spanky), further stretching the boundaries of what a tap dancer can do. She never fails to impress. Singer Blu Nyle brought her considerable mane of curls up on stage and left the audience rapt and excited. Additionally The Dukes of DooWop provided some great vocal harmonies in a brief performance (Carolina and Sascha's new club Friday Kind Of Love is a doo-wop and soul themed night.)

K.G. & Paris Paul

Blu Nyle
As always, K.G. Superstar and Paris Paul MC'ed throughout the night, soul singer Adrian Hibbs was in the house, filmmaker Robertino Fonesca was shooting video and trombonist Shaunte Palmer and trumpeter Sebastian Leger sat in with the band. Lots of familiar faces and plenty of new ones as well. Good to see Gabriella, Sarah, Smiley, Iris, Daniel, Terry, Liinda, Maus, Annukka, Angel, Alfred, Hera, Rukiya, Annika, Alfie, Annie Love, Walter Jones, Charlene, Roman, Toledo, Chelsea, Nykky, Evalee, Lisa Solar, Danny, Annalisa, Fuzzbee, Lisa Long, Lisa Bellmore (Vintage Trouble baby!!), Lizette, Dana, Errol, David, Renee, Prosper, Javier, Yessenia, Nicole, Stefani, Kristi, Mike, Minn, Noel, Shiho, Michelle, Love, Ryan, Zenobia, Dessy, Jason, Shaheed, Mario, the Magnolia Memoir crew (Aron, Gordon, Alex, Matt & Mela) Doug & Nicki, Marshall, Anna, Mary, Vakisha (of course!), our hosts - The Floor producers Sascha & Carolina, the incomparable Walter Davis and of course CHEERS! to Jacqui and Wes!! See you all next month!!

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Jaq said...

Thank you so much Nick our dear dear Nick for capturing so many amazing moments and beautiful faces!! See you soon!!!
Love Jacqui and Wes

Maia Dobson said...

It makes me wanna grove and party just by looking at those pictures! Your venue looks so nice just like the Long Island wedding halls and it's pretty obvious that everyone is having a wonderful time with the celebration.